A debtor who is no longer able to pay his outstanding debts has a few of options.不再能够偿还其未偿债务的债务人有几种选择。 He can file for his own他可以自己申请 破产 or apply for admission to the statutory debt restructuring arrangement.或申请加入法定债务重组安排。 A creditor can also apply for the bankruptcy of his debtor.债权人也可以申请债务人的破产。 Before a debtor can be admitted to the WSNP (Natural Persons Debt Restructuring Act), he will have to go through an amicable procedure.在债务人可以接受WSNP(自然人债务重组法)之前,他必须经过友好的程序。 In this process, an attempt is made to reach an amicable settlement with all creditors.在此过程中,尝试与所有债权人达成友好解决方案。 If one or more creditors do not agree, the debtor can ask the court to force the refusing creditors to agree to the settlement.如果一个或多个债权人不同意,债务人可以要求法院强迫拒绝债权人同意和解。


The compulsory settlement is regulated in article 287a Bankruptcy Act.强制性解决在《破产法》第XNUMXa条中有规定。 The creditor must submit the request for a compulsory settlement to the court at the same time as the application for admission to the WSNP.债权人必须在申请加入WSNP的同时向法院提交强制解决的请求。 Subsequently, all refusing creditors are summoned to the hearing.随后,所有拒绝债权人均被传召开庭。 You may then submit a written defence or you may put forward your defence during the hearing.然后,您可以提交书面辩护,也可以在听证会上提出辩护。 The court will assess whether you could reasonably have refused the amicable settlement.法院将评估您是否合理地拒绝了和解。 The disproportion between your interest in refusing and the interests of the debtor or the other creditors affected by that refusal will be taken into account.将考虑您的拒绝权益与受该拒绝影响的债务人或其他债权人的利益之间的不均衡。 If the court is of the opinion that you could not reasonably have refused to agree to the debt settlement arrangement, the request for the imposition of a compulsory settlement will be granted.如果法院认为您不可能合理地拒绝同意债务清算安排,则可以接受强制性清算的请求。 You will then have to agree to the settlement offered and will then have to accept a partial payment of your claim.然后,您必须同意所提供的解决方案,然后必须接受部分付款。 In addition, as the refusing creditor, you will be ordered to pay the costs of the proceedings.此外,作为拒绝债权人,您将被命令支付诉讼费用。 If the compulsory settlement is not imposed, it will be assessed whether your debtor can be admitted to the debt restructuring, at least as long as the debtor maintains the request.如果未强制执行强制性和解,则将评估您的债务人是否可以接受债务重组,至少要在债务人坚持要求的情况下。



The starting point is that you are entitled to full payment of your claim.出发点是您有权全额支付您的索赔。 Therefore, in principle, you do not have to agree to a partial payment or an (amicable) payment arrangement.因此,原则上,您不必同意部分付款或(友好)付款安排。

The court will take different facts and circumstances into account when considering the request.法院在考虑请求时将考虑不同的事实和情况。 The judge will often assess the following aspects:法官通常会评估以下方面:

  • 该提案已正确且可靠地记录在案;
  • 债务重组建议由一个独立专家小组(例如,市政信贷银行)评估;
  • 已经足够清楚地表明,要约是应认为债务人在财务上有能力作出的极端情况;
  • 破产或债务重组的替代方案为债务人提供了一定的前景;
  • 破产或债务重组的替代方案为债权人提供了一些前景:拒绝债权人获得相同或更多金额的可能性有多大?
  • 债务清算安排中的强制合作可能会扭曲债权人的竞争;
  • 有类似情况的先例;
  • 完全遵守债权人的财务利益有多严重?
  • 拒绝债权人占债务总额的比例;
  • 拒绝债权人应与同意债务清偿的其他债权人并肩作战;
  • [1]

An example is given here in order to clarify how the judge examines such cases.这里给出一个例子,以阐明法官如何审查此类案件。 In the case before the Court of Appeal in Den Bosch [2], it was considered that the offer made by the debtor to his creditors under an amicable settlement could not be regarded as the extreme which he could reasonably be expected to be financially capable of.在Den Bosch上诉法院的案件中[25],有人认为,债务人在友好和解下向债权人提出的要约不应视为极端情况,可以合理地预期他有经济能力。 It was important to note that the debtor was still relatively young (XNUMX years) and, partly because of that age, had, in principle, a high potential earning capacity.重要的是要注意到,债务人还比较年轻(XNUMX岁),部分是由于该年龄,原则上具有很高的潜在收入能力。 It would also be able to complete a work placement in the short term.它还将能够在短期内完成工作布置。 In that situation, it was to be expected that the debtor would be able to find a paid job.在这种情况下,预计债务人将能够找到有偿工作。 The actual employment expectations were not included in the debt settlement arrangement offered.实际的就业期望并未包括在提供的债务清偿安排中。 As a result, it was not possible to properly determine what the path of statutory debt restructuring would offer in terms of outcomes.结果,就结果而言,不可能正确地确定法定债务重组的路径。 Furthermore, the debt of the refusing creditor, DUO, accounted for a large proportion of the total debt.此外,拒绝债权人DUO的债务在总债务中占很大比例。 The court of appeal was of the opinion that DUO could reasonably refuse to agree to the amicable settlement.上诉法院认为,DUO可以合理地拒绝同意和解。

This example is for illustration purposes only.本示例仅用于说明目的。 There were other circumstances involved too.还有其他情况。 Whether a creditor may refuse to agree to the amicable settlement varies from case to case.债权人是否可以拒绝同意和解,视情况而定。 It depends on the specific facts and circumstances.这取决于具体的事实和情况。 Are you faced with a compulsory settlement?您面临强制性解决吗? Please contact one of the lawyers at请联系其中一位律师 Law & More。 They can draw up a defence for you and assist you during a hearing.他们可以为您辩护并在听证期间为您提供帮助。

[1] s-Hertogenbosch上诉法院,9年2020月2020日,ECLI:NL:GHSHE:2101:XNUMX。


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